Music industry sings new song

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Raising the stakes of digital music distribution, last month EMI, AOL Time Warner and BMG, along with RealNetworks, announced a brand new platform that would be ready for launch this summer. MusicNet…

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nope sorry. that type of service won’t make me happy. i won’t user napster. i won’t use file sharing programs. i’ll just borrow from people who buy cds. then rip them. burn the mp3s to cd. then share them with my friends. then i’ll gain more friends and more music. free. to the music industry… you see, the best things in life are free. once you keep on trying to put money on it, it ain’t the best thing ever.

Realplayer, Realplayer, you guys ever heard how a realplayer file sounds?? it sounds like a cheap walkmen you are listening to under water. bleh, that’s really not for me :r