Music industry role in anti piracy actions might be questionable

I just posted the article Music industry role in anti piracy actions might be questionable.

An intesting article on about the recording industry paying the
police in order to stop pirates. This might be questionable, as the record
industry gives large donations to the…

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As long as they are chasing only the real pirates I don’t care. Just leave us folks on the net alone.

two troubling items here…the innocent that was fatally shot by a police officer appeared to be mentioned only as an afterthought, the emphasis was placed on how much money was being paid to whom, by who and what it was being used for, the ethical question raised was, is it ok for a public law enforcement agency to accept money from private sources to expedite certain legal matters (isnt that bribery). I will assume (because of the seeming lack of concern show in the article about the fatal shooting) that it is ethical to shoot an innocent bystander as long as you are a law officer in reciept of monies from a self interest 3rd party, doing that self interested 3rd parties bidding, LEGALLY of course… The second is …WHAT IS THE STATE OF NEW YORK DOING WITH ALL ITS MONEY that they cannot fund the fight against crime…for the media to state that the police “JUST AINT CUTTING IT” is to encourage vigilantes…:X