Music industry raids Taiwan campuses for MP3s

I just posted the article Music industry raids Taiwan campuses for MP3s.

BlackBeard used our newssubmit to tell us that Slashdot links to an article of the Taipei Times. The article is about an IFPI representative that is hired to file a suit against 14 National Chengkung…

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You know why the music industry is so scared and is trying to come down so hard? I dont think it’s cause of lost profits. I think it’s because someone in their head office has realised the obvious. Our generation is growing up getting songs for free off of each other and does not see anything wrong with it. We in fact all fully endorse it because we know that the music industry is ripping us off. What does this have to do with anything? Easy, we are going to be the future generation of Lawyers, Prime ministers, police officers etc etc and they realise that unless they can break it now, once we get it power, we’re not going to help them break it, in fact, we’ll all promote it!! That’s my theory!! Full of shit you say and I’m guessing - your right but I still reckon that it’s partly true!

I think I smacked my Deiti in Black and White when he ate one of my villagers for copying a mp3. Oh, well it should clear everything up :4

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Since when has sharing music with your friends become illegal? I wanna see that one knocking on my f*&^#ng door bitchin’ about what I do with my music. Just 'cause you download it from the internet doesn’t mean it’s not yours or anybody you know (even if it isn’t they don’t know). What people gotta do is stop this crap and start speaking up so all of that media influenced bulls#$%@* about mp3’s come to an end. :*