Music industry pushes EU for anti-piracy CD codes -Easy and safe

I just posted the article Music industry pushes EU for anti-piracy CD codes -Easy and safe.

If you have ever looked close at a original CD you might have seen that in the inner plastic circle of the CD there is a little code printed. And altough many pressing factories do print a code on…

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If they really want to kill piracy they already did by: 1. Manufacterer may not sell CDRW devices to normal users, but only companies to backup; 2. Not selling empy cd/dvd media disks; 3. Placing an unique number on the inner ring that is linked to a library where every cd is placed under your name and IDcode. I just red in a dutch news paper that copy protected cds are sold less and less :slight_smile:

It’s all just sooo very sick. Media companies just need to innovate and create new business models. Top people in the media industry apperently sleep well even when they know that people are serving time in rotten prisons all over the world because because of THEIR maffia business of bribing governments and basically buing monopoly. These media maffia people deserve the same treatment as killers, rapers and child abuser. These people are the REAL CRIMINALS! Outr society is getting sicker every year! k0jaK

I feel that killers, rappers, and child abusers should have special treatment set aside for them that’s worse then the punishment for other crimes. Unfortunately it seems that child Molesters get out of jail quicker then people who steal money. Because it’s all about money. I don’t think a child molester should ever get out of jail. But numbers on the CD is good. I think people that are selling copied CD’s or counterfeit CD’s needs to go to jail, or pay a fine. So they need a way to track them down. But I don’t think it should be a life sentence.

Oi !! chsbiking at the moment the MPIA and RIAA and other associated organisations consider the home user making (supposedly legal) backups a pirate…pal don’t fencesit…all you get is sore nuts…and anyone who equates child molesting with piracy has seriously lost the plot…:7

No, I haven’t lost the plot. Please read! I am comparing punishments. This whole “piracy” thing is a thing that doesn’t really exist!!! Along with cheap media carriers the media companies INVENTED piracy too and ever since they not only been promoting these cheap media carriers, they also been promoting hard punishment of their “piracy” invention. It’s them that want to make large profits by selling very cheap mass produced compies that loose their value instantly. And it’s them that are guilty of operating mafia like businesses for decades now. k0

I wasn’t comparing crimes. k0jak was comparing child abusers to the RIAA, and comparing the RIAA to the mafia all at the same time. Well I think I could be wrong. I don’t think piracy has anything to do with child abuse I was just stating that in my opinion, since k0jak brought it up, that child molesters, rapists, killers, anyone who commits a violent crime should have a more sever punishment then someone who creates a program to hack an Adobe ebook or any other circumvention device. If you kill someone, you can’t bring them back. If you hack something, or make a copy of something you don’t own, well the company can always reinstall what was hacked and come out with a new product to make profits. But like I said, a lot of times people that copy software or hack computers get put in jail longer then someone who rapes a child.

Anyway the reason I say what I say is, because there’s three people that live in my home town that I know that are in jail. The first guy is a friend of mine, and is in jail for five years for hacking the network where he worked, and selling copied CD’s of software he got at work. The second one killed her own child because she didn’t want it anymore. She is in jail for only three years. The third one molested my best friends sister, two of his own cousins, and raped a 15 year old. He got convicted on all charges but never went to jail, just had probation for six months. So I don’t know. Whatever.

If you look really well on the inner side of a TW DVD you will notice this number is scratched … solution is already there before the law has been introduced … :4