Music industry promotes copy-proof audio discs - DVD-A/SACD

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Besides the DVD+RW and DVD-RW format war, we also have to other competitors fighting for their space in our houses. The DVD-Audio and SuperAudioCD formats are both fighting to become the…

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SACD has stronger copy protection than DVD-Audio in a few ways, e.g. SACD players will reject any CD that doesn’t fully comply to the required authentication and encryption techniques and Sony will only ever rent SACD recorders to Recording Studios under strict conditions. Sounds like Sony are going back to trying those BETA Video recorder days again. Anyone think of making a another type of High definition Audio CD?, e.g. ‘TRUE Audio CD’ that could stand for Theatre Realistic UnEncrpted Audio CD (Made this up myself :9)

The copy protection systems deployed on both formats will be the death of them both I’m sorry to say. Firstly Audiophiles who will be the ones really interested in the new formats won’t be interested in anything less than something with a Digital output, thereby enabling the TransportDAC superior sound quality theory. And since the formats may be difficult to replicate who will be interested in that. Not I or anyone else I suspect. Perhaps I should also point out that there is a risk that Audiophiles won’t accept the products anyway since multi-channel surround sound is not what they’re into. We also all know that copy protection destroy quality anyway, as illustrated by a Macrovision protected DVD played back on a very large screen TV. So I can’t see much future in either format myself, they certainly hold no interest in anyway for me.

yea i spend $800 for just a receiver with 6 optical digital inputs… sure i’m going to pay more so i can play crap with analog via analog inputs… dream on… it’s like they want to go back to the stone age, next they are going try to kill the inet… i bet

Yeah how lame that you can’t connect it to an amp via optical or coaxial.

I will not be going for a DVD/SACD Audio player anytime soon, but as DVD-Audio CDs are suppose to have some backwards compatible with DVD-Video, i.e. containing AC3 Dolby Digital tracks, this makes them useful for listening to on existing Dolby Digital speakers connected to a PC (with 6 channel Sound Card). It should be simple enough to grab the AC3 tracks using DVD-Ripping software. :wink: The PCM tracks (read by DVD-Audio Players) are heavily encrypted and I couldn’t imagine the quality being too superior with 4 layers of audio watermarking! :r