Music industry needs to stop suing, start innovating

I just posted the article Music industry needs to stop suing, start innovating.

Given the recent revelation that the RIAA could sue individuals who share music files via the internet has music fan furious.
The demise of Napster by the RIAA only spawned new peer to peer…

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What the hell is this? Sure I would love a higher definition audio foramt to becoem standard, but $20 per album is still ridiculous. It costs pennies to produce and artists only earn a buck or two per disc sale. All the other money goes into marketing and the RIAA’s pocket. The quality of the recorded sound cannot turn crappy commercial BS into good music. The whole industry needs to change before they start putting out competing formats. Besides many people listen to alot of their music in a car or through headphones so surround sound is not necessary.

Am I the only one that has noticed that DVD-Audio is “the same price as a regular cd”? Why, RIAA< is this??! Does this mean what we have known all along? That cds and dvds cost only pennies to make, yes your greed causes you to charge an arm and a leg for them, and yet give pennies to the artists responsible for giving YOU your paychecks? Somebody’s gotta do something about this B.S.

the term “artist” nowdays describes anybody who can pick up an instrument, throw their lips around a microphone and make a noise, not its true meaning and possibly part of the reason for poor sales. A solution !!!..(mebbe ??) find singers that can sing, players that can play, entertainers that can entertain, combine with high quality recordings and high quality media all for a reasonable price…result…winning back consumers…mebbe…:7

I agree that it would be better for the music industry to start coming out with some better products. I would like DVD audio with videos on them that I could watch on my tv. I think this idea is cool and it saves me from buying a CD to listen to and a DVD to watch. I buy concert and special DVDs by bands I like all the time. So instead of $20 for a CD and $20 for a DVD I would save about $20.00 USD. This isn’t that bad a deal. True that CDs and DVDs are cheap to produce but you also have to factor in other costs like packaging, shipping, marketing and retail markup. I disagree with the actions of the RIAA, like suing companies and individuals to make up losses they claim come from mp3s and filesharing networks. I also dont like how they are trying to change our laws to suit their needs either. This whole ‘war’ between the RIAA and the end users may actually prove to be better for us in the long run though. We may see more innovative and versatile products with alot more quality. One question I have for those who claim they wont pay for CDs because the music nowadays just sucks. Why do you download all those mp3s? I download mp3s all the time, to find music I like and if I like it I go buy the CD. I bought Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar 3 times, because 1 got stolen and the other one I lost, before I had a burner. Now I just make a backup of the original and listen to that and store the original in a safeplace. :d

You guys have it all wrong. It’s another attempt to make us purchase ANOTHER CD. :frowning: Sure you get 5 point directional sound, which is great if you want to make it feel like you’re standing in the middle of the orchestra, BUT thats only one benefit to the many obvious FLAWS: 1. Your current CD’s sound like crap. 2. You need to buy another Sony player. 3. You need to buy Sony approved CD’s - 4. You can’t back them up or make copies 5. You can’t make mp3 files, or any other files. 6. The current lineup is only from SONY artists - Sony owns Columbia, Epic, Legacy, Sony Nashville… but not even a percentage of the titles you more than likely enjoy are even AVAILABLE. And most record companies won’t pay Sony for the “rigth” to use their format. 7. No digital outputs on the units - so it prevents piracy, but it also prevents ENJOYMENT. 8. You can’t play the new discs in your car, or walkman, or computer or any other CD player you currently have. So this whole Sony stuff SUCKS. Why would ANY of you invest in the money for a technology that’s going to completely restrict you? From a company that wants to add technology to BAN YOU, if they want to, from using your product? Check out the facts. Companies like Sony join the RIAA in the very sueing that us consumers hate. That’s my opinion. FN