Music-industry meltdown: Major labels struggle after slump



I just posted the article Music-industry meltdown: Major labels struggle after slump.

scum1 used our newssubmit to tell us about an intresting article on the Seattletimes about the current state of the music industry. As we all know the industry is in a big slumb and there are a lot…

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I cannot see recording companies ever again reaching the giddy hights. Most artists will become independant or form co-opratives and us ordinary people will keep file swapping and downloading. Piss the consumer off at your peril. Frankly it gives me the warmies knowing that the moon of these swamprat executives and their kowtowing flunkies is on the wane…:7


Yeah! Down w/ them all :wink: Let them eat McDonalds for a chance so they can remember where they came from.


“Swamprat” man I like that characterization of Music Industry’s CEO’s!!! :4 :4


I hate to say it but these shitflies have been around longer than one can remember! They stole from Chuck Berry and every minority and non-minority that didn’t understand how to read the contracts. They are the slimiest-bottom-swamp-dwellers that obviously could care less for art…and they breed…