Music industry blames CD burners for downturn

I just posted the article Music industry blames CD burners for downturn.

Germany’s music industry said Wednesday that illegal and private copying of CDs and Internet piracy are the main reasons why it expects to post a loss for full-year 2001.

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If you could go out and buy your favorite CD for $5 US, there would be no reason to share. But noooo, there gonna gouge you to death then cry like babies when and your two buddies go in on your favorite CD. Jeez!

Mr.Zombik, in a long long time I hadn’t laughed so loud and for so long than I’ve done reading your baby cries . Thanks :slight_smile:

Music-CD sales go up every year, even now. So what’s the problem? There are still enough people who want to pay those high prices! Stop complaining like a bunch of kids. But then again, I didn’t buy any CD at all…okay, CDR’s :d

Nag Nag Napster is the cause, Nag Nag Cd-Writers are the cause…

OMG! Was i suppose to buy that CD. I thought it was free :4

Pretty soon DVD drives will be blamed for, “A loss of sales for stand alone DVD players.” Give me a break.

Guess they are right. I haven’t bought an orignal CD or CD-rom in 5 years. Go figure. I wonder how much $$money$$ I saved? Probably enough to buy a new car. :slight_smile:

Is it really stealing if you wouldn’t have bought in the first place?

Mr. “Zombie” I presume! :c

Is it really stealing if you wouldn’t have bought it in the first place? I’ll just nick Ferraris then :slight_smile: (JOKE) They blame CDRWs for a loss of profit? I blame crap music :7

I blame rip-off record companies, rip-off record shops and radio stations feeding us shit and expecting us to buy it. :8

Mr Zombix, you’re right. But ask yourself WHY you’re right!

The economy is a factor, and once again this can be tied to price…go figure. I was looking at some CDs i the store today and when I looked at the price I realized that I would never spend $18 on any CD. Doesn’t the Music Industry realize that you have to actually put out a good product if you want it to sell?? Most of today’s music is just crap. I would wager that older music makes up a large part of current CD sales.