Music industry berates PCMag over Limewire Pirate Edition story

Music industry berates PCMag over Limewire Pirate Edition story.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It seems that the RIAA and other music industry organizations have become bored with only harassing people who may or may not have illegally shared songs online. Now they have begun branching out and harassing the writers and publications who dare cover stories about file-sharing options.

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the copyright industries are not going to stop until either/both the internet is completely ruined or they have unilateral control over it. had there been retaliation from any and every internet supplier/user against them when all this first started, we would not be in the position we are in today. i think everyone agrees that all artists should be paid for what they do but paid a fair amount and in a fair way. this is all about keeping money rolling in to the music corporations and top executives, not those that deserve it. problem is down to the governments that are allowing money (back handers/bribes?) to rule them instead of sense by listening to and backing those corporations and not listening to the public that elected them into office.

Why the press gives space to these Hollywood drama queens is a mystery to me. The RIAA and MPAA are not much more than the leftovers of old business approaches that died long ago. I really don’t care how many congressmen become the “bitch boy” for these industries. They are not going to change the state of technology without recking society. I think it is time for government to butt out and let the chips fall where they may. These old school whiners are not much more than roaring mice in today’s world. The idea that the world would even care who these jokers complain about is an absolute hoot. Either change the way your have done things or die…that simple.

Good Musician’s can still play anywhere and make a very good living, It’s the no talent POS behind the desk that think’s he’s intitled to something for nothing!!!☺

“Second, since when is it against the law to merely write about P2P software?”

Fully agree - in this country, there is a First Amendment - since when does the RIAA hold themselves to be above the law (although with the current supreme court, one never knows…)?

No legal leg to stand on… this is settled case law. Posting peer to peer file sharing alternatives does not equal contributory infringement. End of story.

lol nothing they do will ever surprise me, to bad they didn’t send you a letter too!