Music industry angry at Prince CD album giveaway

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Up until now, one of the music industry’s worst problems has been dealing with music piracy, both physical and online. Now, the UK industry has reacted angrily with the decision by the US…

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poor widdul babies!!! the recording industry has built itself up on the backs of all those artists and consumers it has ripped off!! and now they have the nerve to complain about someone giving their album away for free? how typical of the greedy criminals who work at the major labels. they can dish it out but can’t take it, eh? sad bastards!!! it is only divine justice. sorry f****** been stealing from everyone for so long they cannot handle what prince is doing. he is perfectly within his rights to distribute his album as he sees fit, and the ‘recording industry’ can go f*** themselves! :frowning:

I agree with the above post. I wish more well established artists would do the same. It seems to be a better business model anyway. The artist probably sees more money this way, rather than paying so much to the record company satanists. The record stores crying because they supported Prince? What a crock of sh*t! If anything HIS albums being their store supported THEM!

For years the industry has provided promotional copies of artists performances, has creatively avoided paying artist royalties by shoving albums into their own record club schemes and employed creative accounting whereby artists have not been paid full royalties. In fact record companies have sidestepped royalties with creative contracts that include artists paying for their own recording sessions, packaging costs, promotional costs, etc. When the labels screw an artist it is all tidy and legal because they have a very one sided contract that allows this. Now here comes Prince. He not only foots the bills, but he was smart enough to have some control over his recorded performances. In this case Prince apparently has every legal right to make deals such as this. Suddenly when the recording industry finds the shoe on the other foot they would have the world viewing Prince as some kind of gangster? Pfffft! What is good for the goose is good for the gander. This great (and legitimate) promotional endeavor by Prince doesn’t even compare with the shenanigans that have been engineered by the labels over the years. The only insult here is the labels trying to insult the intelligence of an informed public. When consumers acquire music they do not look for the label. They look for the artist. Prince obviously understands this. In this case he is able to receive compensation without a pack of greedy record company executives finding ways to chip away at his income with creative accounting and slick contracts. If the labels feel insulted over Prince getting his due, I can only imagine what they will feel when artists finally realize that artists will eventually become strong enough to do without the traditional schemes of the big labels altogether. For years the labels have gotten theirs up front even if artists starved or went bankrupt. When an artist discovers that he can get his up front the industry cries “Foul”. Suck it up big boys you are getting a mere taste of what you have dished out for years. Try taking this to your lobbyists and see how it plays out *laughs.

My heart just bleeds for the record companies.

I love this guy! Why is the recording industry surprised that Prince doesn’t want to play by their rules – he has done that many times before. The industry had a big nightmare when he changed his name from Prince to a symbol. Where do you list the symbol alphabetically in the store or on the chart? He did that because the industry was trying to screw him.

Well if an artists gets about a dollar a CD, then prince would of had to sold about 5 million cds in the UK to make the 500k. So I’m thinking that probably wouldn’t of happened, so he came out ahead, the the ‘Industry’ got nothing.