Music ID Programs

Does anyone know any place or program I can use to ID one particular piece of music? I found it on a video I couldn’t care less about. People asked about it but there’s no way to find it through Youtube audio-swap:

Because of this hauntingly beautiful song, I discovered that apparently, I like (some) jazz. Now I’m searching Jazz radio stations looking for it. Anyone know it?


WinAmp does a pretty good job of id-ing music. It uses the Gracenote database.

Ok, thanks, I’ll look into that. :slight_smile:


I have a software named Tunatic that is a song identifier .
I tried it on the YouTube & each time it came up with a different song & none of them correct.
It usually does better.

I couldn’t get Gracenotes to come up in WinAmp all of the time & not with the
Oklahoma Weather - Oklahoma Sleet and Snow.flv at all. I converted it to a .wav with Audacity & burned it to a CD with ImgBurn. Gracenotes came up twice then wouldn’t again. The song list in Gracenotes were the wrong songs as well. Only two.

@ olyteddy , How do you use Gracenotes in WinAmp ?
Maybe I could do it your way.

Right Click the song, Select ‘View file info…’, click ‘Auto-Tag’.

Thanks for trying. I love this music and must find who it came from. I’d like to hear the rest of it, too.

On that Tunatic, it says it works via microphone. Can/does it work directly from a file inside the comp as well?

@ olyteddy - congrats on quitting. I quit several years ago.


It works direct on the computer too .
It has Tried to identify & came up with different artists & songs. So far none have been correct.
Heres a link for the down load:

@ olyteddy , Thanks that works for a .mp3 file . What Gracenotes found wasn’t correct.
I then tried it this way.
I had converted the .mp4 YouTube video to a .wav file & burned it to a CD -RW.
I opened the Audio CD in WinAmp. Right clicked the one track. Selected “Edit CD Info …” the images below are what came up . The "File Info " Window first .
I selected the Tab in the red box & then the button in the red box.

This is the Gracenotes window that then came up:

None of the songs listed were correct but it might be useful & correct another time. So good information to know. Of course I had no way to check the ones in Japanese .

I found getting a screen capture of the Gracenotes window difficult .
Windows regular screenshot & one other program I usually use failed.
Givving an runtime error about msvcr90.dll .

Nice tutorial you whipped up.

If you can select the japanese text, Google Translate can read it. Whenever I’ve exhausted any YouTube catagory, I use Google Translate to open up whole new batches of the same thing in other languages.


The error prevented me from copying the Japanese so no way to translate.

Tried Ctrl + c? It sometimes copies when other stuff won’t.

It often amuses me when it wants to install chinese (or whatever) character set, when it would be just as meaningless as the square boxes they had to start with!

This isn’t the song but has some similar sound to me anyway.
I kind of like the song you posted but I’ve trid & I couldn’t find the exact one.
The way that worked to copy the Japanese was to accept each tag & then copy it from the WinAmp tag box.

Chet Baker Almost Blue

Interesting. Just as with other types of music I “discover”, I am finding there are different types of Jazz. So far, “slow jazz” and “sleepy jazz” seem to yield the most results. “Late night” jazz also has promise. I have been going through youtube jazz channels, where people have compiled a bunch of it on one page. There are many of them. I just listen to a few seconds of each and move on till I find something close.

The problem is that jazz seems to be sorted by what instruments are used. This music we are trying to ID has a whole bunch of instruments in it (that’s why I call it “Succotash”). I think there’s about 20 instruments used in it, most of which I can recognise, but some are something I don’t recognise. There are also a few electronic instruments, along with some electronic effects.

BTW, is that bass beat an electric base guitar, or is it a bass fiddle?


I will have to listen to see if I can tell on the Bass guitar or fiddle.
My first bet is bass guitar.
I almost wonder if the YouTube you postsed is a well mixed compilation of several different bands. That is why Tunatic has a hard time with it.
If you downloaded Tunatic try it on the YouTube I posted above.
At least for me it got it right.

@ Gaarry , Since you like mellow instrumental music give these Mike Oldfield
albums a listen:

Or for something more rock
Moody Blues - Procession
Or the whole album:
Moody Blues - Every Good Boy Deservers a Favor

I see you asked the person who posted the video what the music is…

Don’t you think they should KNOW what the music is before they use it?

Hi Alan , They should have paid attention but with the YouTube auto swap .
A youtube member can just go & get music of the approxamate legnth & type they want. The songs are supposed to be free of copyright protection so available to use. Or that’s what YouTube says.

@cholla, wow, what memories Tubular Bells bring back. I used to have that back in the days of the Exorcist, 8 tracks and moog synthisizers (which I’m looking up next). hehe

The rest of that doesn’t really do anything for me.

[QUOTE=Gaarry;2685042] @cholla, wow, what memories Tubular Bells bring back. I used to have that back in the days of the Exorcist, 8 tracks and moog synthisizers (which I’m looking up next). hehe [/QUOTE]

I remember a line all the way around the movie theater to see the Exorsist . I’m not sure but I think I was 18 at the time.
I even had a dual deck that did 4 & 8 track it was metal ,floor mounted & all chrome.

Listened to some moog music I guess I was a “Lucky Man”.

The rest of that doesn’t really do anything for me.[/QUOTE]
Mike Oldfeild had quite a few albums . I think there were 3 Tubular Bells ones. The other one I linked was newer.
Moody Blues fan myself . I actually listen to a variety from country to rock. Including Blue grass & folk in that.

Bluegrass and folk… makes me think of this: