Music file sharing hits an all time high

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In an annual digital music survey carried out by Entertainment Media Research, it has found that the unauthorised sharing of music has now hit an all-time high. 43% of 1,700 people questioned…

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I sure feel bad about all this. Especially the idea that the RIAA now has 18 percent more people to harass and brow beat into settlements. :B

This is good news for musicians and bad news for the part of the music industry that doesn’t actually create any music (music labels, the RIAA, etc).

Not only is downloading mp3’s free, but the mp3’s are superior to paid product. If you download it, it’ll play on pretty much any player, if you pay for it, you get hammered with restrictions. FREE is pretty hard to compete against, but when you toss out an inferior product as well it doesn’t help.

I have a fool proof idea for the RIAA and the labels to get their market share back. Release their entire catalogs as MP3’s. No DRM. Price songs older than a year at .29 each. Price new releases at .49 ea. Continue to release CD’s, but give added value to them. Include lyrics, pictures, music videos, links to online downloads. Reduce the price of all new release CD’s to $7.99. The masses will pay for quick, cheap and easy. The pure economy of scale will increase their profits. I do not currently buy CD’s. If the record companies did what I just outlined above, I would. In fact, I’d buy alot. Is this idea really that hard to implement? Would not everyone suddenly go “Gee, thats a damn good deal, I know a few songs I’d like to buy.” Duhh.

The guy above me is right on target except I’d like to buy WAV quality songs for a cheap price as well. But he’s damn close and they’ll never go for it. Too bad …I’ll just have to keep buying,burning,ripping and reselling. Kind of a pain in the ass but I have total control. :B