Music DVD downloading

I have several DVDs of music videos on DVD. I don’t want to
backup the entire disc. I only want to save and copy selected songs from the disc. The songs are broken into chapters, but
when I download into my har drive, I get 7 or 8 large VOB files
that sometimes stop in the middle of a song. Is there a software
program that can allow me to divide these files into the individual
song chapters so I can custom make my own music DVDs?

With your DVD-ripping software, you will need to rip the disc chapter by chapter. I.e. select only chapter 1, perform a rip, unselect chapter 1, then select chapter 2 (or the track you want) and repeat. This also works for ripping just certain seens from a movie. I know that DVD Decrypter allows individual chapter ripping. :wink:

I got the decrypter as suggested, and it does allow me to rip by chapter. However, when I burn the desired chapters (ie. music videos) to a DVD+R, the chapter breaks no longer match up with
the song breaks. On the original disc, each song was it’s own chapter, now going directly to a chapter sometimes puts me in the middle of the song. When the DVD+R is played in it’s entirety,
everything plays fine. Any ideas why this is?

try dvdshrink (freeware)

it lets you re-autor…which means you can select parts of your original dvd to make a new one