Music Downloads

I am looking to buy music from reliable websites. I have used the iTunes Store but am sick of the encoding they put on their songs. Is there any equivalent of iTunes Store that offer mp3’s for download.

E-Music offers MP3s, Yahoo has a limited MP3 offering, allofmp3 has all mp3.

Walmart is wma protected, same for Napster, Yahoo and Virgin.

AllofMP3 has been ruled illegal…

AllofMP3 is apparently going to be shut down as a condition of Russia being allowed entry into the WTO.

AllOfMP3 released a statement on 30 November that is on thier web-site saying thier demise is greatly exargerated and do not plan opn closing down at anytime.

Makes for interesting reading if nothing else.


As of 5 minutes ago, everything is up and still working.


Putin will go in there and jack-boot 'em…

Or maybe break out the old polonium-210! LOL. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. :bigsmile:

How about iMP3 download? I think its the best service that offers mp3 downloads.

lol… No sweat, it’s fun to joke to aleviate the stress of the truth. :slight_smile:

buy a copy of tunebite and subscribe to yahoo unlimited/rhapsody/napster and you’ll be happy. $5 a month is a good deal for all the music you want…and all good quality, no bad files, legal, fast downloads, etc.

HI everybody! I’ve just wrote on the other page that i know one really cool site of mp3 music, which is just like allofMp3, and maybe even better. It is as fast and has all new releases. I liked it very much and am their client already for 2 months. It is Mp3 City. I advise you to check it out!