Music downloads taxable in 15 states

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It was just a matter of time…at least in Europe the taxman doesn’t need new taxes…all goods and services are subject to it.

And the funny thing is the name “added value tax”

This is adding insult to injury. “Let’s rip off idiots, er, customers by charging them FAR too much for substandard lossy content but wait: let’s tax the suckers too!!!”. And of course, where does this happen? In that bastion of consumer rights, the good old U.S. of A. Keep it.

One of my favorite quotes on government’s philosophy vis a vis taxes and regulation: “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.”

If its taxable - does that mean its an asset? If its an asset - then I should be able to resell it or give it away to someone at my discression - and the DMCA and DRM make that impossible. Doesnt that violate first sale doctrines?

Yes, they are idiots. Nobody forces these people to buy songs from iTunes. When it comes to other products, people check everything twice to make sure that they got the best product for the best price. Somehow, when it comes to digital downloads, they don’t/ Regarding the taxes: what did you expect??

Good luck at getting that one enforced. Muahahaha, fun.

good thing i dont use itunes & kin :smiley:

I don’t know of any state that has a sales & use tax that does not consider online sales taxable. They are not currently able to collect from the seller unless they have a business presense in that state. However, as the purchaser, you are required to report any purchases you were not taxed on and pay sales tax. It used to be a joke because the states had the requirement but no way for any one to report or pay. Most have an extra line on the income tax return. Just because it is taxable does not make it an asset, rentals are taxable as well. Everyone knows when you rent a movie the ownership does not pass to the person renting the movie. The RIAA could always take the stance that you are renting the songs from itunes indefinitely. The sales & use tax does get enforced. Several states do audits of business and I suspect if you are audited they will look at this as well. They will go after every penny they can get. That is a fact you can count on. the states can and do get information from out of state retailers even if they can’t force them to collect sales tax.

Everybody I know runs right out and gets a USE TAX form. Yea right. Guess im in one of my moods today:B