Music downloads keep on rising,

I just posted the article Music downloads keep on rising,….

Althoiugh the music industries are trying hard to prevent music downloads the number of music downloads keeps on rising. The biggest group of downloaders are the young people… among this group…

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umm… how exactly did they measure all this information? did they check all the logs from webservers or something? i don’t think they were really able to survey 30 million people. maybe there should be a link posted as to where we could find the results, and what their methods were for finding these answers. it’s pretty easy these days to just spit out numbers. i can imagine the RIAA complaining with this data. down with greedy people. go musicians.

I would like to know as well. The figure seems a bit too high, did they count the ones where people retry several times where they lost connection ?

bet the big record companys just love that report, wait till broadband is more wide spread. Sod em they’ve had it good for too long! :slight_smile: