Music downloaders face player vs. music store codec issues

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 Just when we thought the Betamax vs.  VHS tape standard decision was long gone, we are encountering the same  problem again, but with digital music services.  MP3 was the first main...
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If the RA or RM format wins I will shoot myself.

I would not be too surprised if they try :stuck_out_tongue: There are already several Real Media compatible devices out there and Real do have their own music store. [U]This one[/U] announced here yesterday not only supports RM and RA, but also has Real One’s software built in. Then again, I don’t mind media players as long as they do not plague me with pop-up’s or insist on starting with windows :r
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Ultimately, it is those “alphabet soup” issues that will turn off most customers to online services. At least a clean mp3 can be played on just about anything with mp3 support.

What’s the point of all of this… Won’t the overwhelming majority of players be MP3 based anywhere? I’m quite happy with my RCA Lyra and have no plans on getting another player that will play a fraction of the songs at a million times greater the cost…

I’m sorry but you’re either retarded or deaf if you think a 128 in any codec sounds like CD quality

Have you ever tried Ogg Vorbis? Theoritically lossy compression can never be 100% equal to CD, but Ogg Vorbis 112k and up is good enough to not notice the difference

Ogg Vorbis should win, but I’m afraid that it won’t.