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Can someone tell me if those sites that let you pay by the month (yahoo, napster, etc) let you burn the music onto a cd? A friend of mine said that all you could do is put it onto your computer or mp3 player.

This is what I use and you can put it onto a cd and it is your to do whatever you want. Plus they update their software too which keeps thing secure. However this is by the song or album not by the month.

Sony Connect

The limitations of the music you download from legal music download services depends on the type of service you choose: Individual songs, Unlimited downloads and Unlimited ‘To Go’ downloads.

Songs that are purchased individually usually cost 99c. These can be transferred to a matching DRM compatible player as well as written to CD. The catch here obviously is that you can easily find your self spending a small fortune if you get a lot of music, e.g. 1,000 songs or about 100 albums costs $999 :eek: The following list gives an example of players that are compatible with the following music services:

iPod : iTunes
Sony Walkman series : Sony Connect
Players featuring WMA DRM : Individual songs purchased from Napster, Yahoo, OD2, Rhapsody etc.
Players featuring ‘PlaysForSure’ : Unlimited ‘To Go’ subscriptions from Napster, Yahoo, Rhapsody, etc.

The Unlimited ‘To Go’ packages usually cost between $9.99 and $14.95 a month depending on the provider you go for. The advantage with this offer over purchasing songs individually is the ability to download as much music as you like for this flat-rate fee. For example, the same 1,000 songs or 100 albums can be downloaded as part of the flat rate subscription and it wouldn’t cost anything extra if you decide to download even more. Music can be transferred to a WMA DRM “PlaysForSure” compliant player. However, there is a catch: Music downloaded as part of the flat-rate package cannot be written to CD and all music downloaded as part of the flat-rate package “self-destruct” once you cancel your subscription.

Finally, the basic unlimited package that seems to be promoted all over the place has the same restrictions as the ‘To Go’ version, but with a further restriction in that music cannot be transferred to any device. :disagree: The only advantage with this service is that it is usually $5 cheaper than the ‘To Go’ package.

For those living outside of the US, simply replace the $'s above with €’s as this is how the European services charge, e.g. iTunes songs cost 99c in Europe despite the current exchange rate difference. :doh:

If you are interested in being able to transfer music from the Unlimited packages to CD or to a non-WMA DRM player (such as an iPod), you will need a 3rd party tool to convert the music into a DRM-free format. A few shareware examples include MuvAudio and Tunebite.