Music download sales soar in US

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heystoopid used our news submit to tell us: "A short article appeared in “The Beeb"s” online newspaper, showing the continued decline in sales of the Audio CD album format as we know…

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Do the online Single Do decent quality Kill DRM Reap! Keep up the DRM BS and die!

What’s DRM ??? Decent quality for a fair price and I can do whatever I want with it. :B

This just shows that people are not falling for daft messages about buying things. They know what they want, with downloading you can get that and only that. Albums will still be around but mostly for music that is not “POP” and so on. That will go onto downloading only. Now that most people who listen to music have mp3 players, Ipod etc. Thats what the industry don’t like, they can’t make lots of money on pop music that only sells for about 1-2 years they fade away.

Give us raw files, not compressed ones.