Music digitizing software

Friends: I am trying to convert my oldies on audio cassettes to MP3 formats for future burning onto CDs. I am using a program called “Audio Recorder for Free v5.5”. The playbacks sound like crap no matter how I change the settings. Could someone suggest a better software? Thanks a lot.

Adobe Audition, Cool Edit (or Soundforge), dBpowerAmp from,.… the list is long.

audacity is free and works pretty well (

capture to .wav files, and clean the audio up before encoding.

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Keep in mind that the quality depends just as much (if not more) on the tape deck and cables and your computer’s soundcard, as it does on the software you use.

Don’t get duped into spending a fortune on cables either. :wink:

Friends: Thanks a lot for all your help. Sure appreciate it. I believe my CPU is too slow (166MHz Pentium with 96Mb of RAM) to achieve good quality compression and playback in real time. I tried the audacity but it is not so simple to use as the other softwares. I will try to upgrade my sound card driver to see if that makes a difference. Or is there a software for slower CPU’s which make temporary .WAV files for conversion to .MP3’s later? I feel I should get better results with my system with such software. Thanks again Folks!!!