Music Copy Protection



Hello Group

I was just reading the problem on the main page about copying a music CD which is copy protected. I wondered what would stop you making a recording onto cassette via a stereo system then re-recording it onto your computer ? I hope this makes sense

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If you would do that the qualiti would be very bad because you would have to go from analog to digital and the sound will not be as good as from cd to cd


Simply plug digital (or analog) out of your normal cd player to digital in (or analog in) of your soundblaster, edit the wave file in tracks, burn, done
Or record on minidisc, problem also solved
Can’t understand those companies waste their money on such lousy protections…


Hello Snowie and MM

I normaly re-edit the sounds when they have been recorded to clear up the quality of the sound then burn to CD. I resently got a tape which was 15 years old and no longer avalible anywhere and when i’d finished is sounded very clear but i do understand what you mean from going between analog and digital and the loss of purity.
Thank you for replying