Music company EMI reports higher sales & profits since March

I just posted the article Music company EMI reports higher sales & profits since March.

 EMI which  is the world's 3rd largest music company reports both higher sales and profits  since the end of March.  These have been higher than during the same period  last year.  A...
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move along, nothing to see here except RIAA statistics always remember 1. lies 2. d4mn lies 3. statistics
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I love this story. The Coldplay cd is excellent, and has no copy protection nonsense on it (in the USA at least) and it is one which I purchased as soon as it came out (as opposed to 2 others that I returned once I realized suncomm had polluted them). The moral of the story and proof for the music industry to adhere to: save the money you are wasting with firms like suncomm and macrovision and focus your resources on putting out a top quality product - like the Coldplay cd - and your customers will buy!