Music companies settle in price-fixing case

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spacegrass, jab1981, Sgams, d day, Mr. Belvedere and TheTarbaby used our newssubmit to tell us that the five largest music companies have to pay a very big fine to settle a CD price-fixing case…

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Their ego must be broken, greedy bastards. I only want to have music, not all like cds. I’ll not buy a cd. Sometimes i buy a cd from an artist to test the copy protection :4 I’ll wait what the future brings… By music industry the prices will never fall!

I hadn’t realized the free market was “artificial”. What a laughable notion. Anways, if you don’t want to buy music then don’t buy it, just steal it.

“The companies, which did not admit any wrongdoing, will pay $67.4 million in cash to compensate consumers…” Oh, really? How much of that will I see for the money I’ve wasted on CD’s in the past? I doubt ONE CENT. Ah well, they’re getting what the deserve. Screw 'em.

The consumer pays for out-of-court settlements, court costs, and fines. Expect the them to pad future prices upwards. Glad I don’t purhcase CDs but get my music othewise! RIAA is a monopoly and not a free-market entity! Let those swine roast in their own juices! :wink:

The companies also agreed to distribute $75.7 million worth of CDs to public entities and nonprofit organizations throughout the country.
So now every church gets two free Danzig cd’s and every highschool three cd’s by Marilyn Manson! :4

Yea so where do I type in my address to collect my part of that “$67.4 million in cash to compensate consumers” since I have boughten 200 CDs in that time period.

Probably the same place you got your mail-order education. Boughten isn’t a word… Purhaps purchased? Seriously, I’m in the same boat. Over 200 CD’s added in my collection over the last 5 years. I guess we are seeing the money as it’s awarded to states and to the public. And it’s a step in the right direction as now the courts are more or less agreeing with the money stealing the RIAA has been doing with their monopoly for years.

I guarantee all that money goes to the lawyers, not t he consumers :r

I guess we all agree that these companies committed crimminal acts and have crimminals working for them or acting on their behalf, so why should we or any court of law believe what they say now… (ahem…not that we ever did)…:7

For “jab1981”: were you born in 1981? If so, I would assume you’ve at least graduated from high school, if not college by now. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary states the following: “One entry found for boughten. Main Entry: bought·en Pronunciation: 'bo-t&n Function: adjective Etymology: bought + -en (as in forgotten) Date: 1793 chiefly dialect : BOUGHT <the only boughten carpet in the region – H. W. Thompson>” Although the original poster used it in the wrong form (“boughten” is an adjective, not a verb"), it most certainly is a word! Those who are overly critical are most likely to have the most flaws.

I’ll be damned, there is. I learned something new. However I disagree that I was overly critical, I made reference to the fact that it wasn’t entirely serious… just poking sport. Simply it is incorrect to say I’ve boughten. I jumped the gun a tad with my mild disgust for the lack of sentence structure, and for that I apologize. However I do commend you for taking the time out to research this. Odd that you’d need a dictionary :wink: Your post sounds a tad condescending. And by the way, I am a High School (age 16) and College Graduate (age 20). However I didn’t specialize in outdated and uncommon uses of English language. I do however take notice when the English language is incorrectly used so blatantly. Not that I am with out flaws, simply stated something of that nature should be common knowledge. You need little education and no degrees for that. Such faith you have in a failed educational system. Good that you’re optimisitic my friend.

Ah poor babies have to pay out their tight a$$e$. I think I will help them out. I’m going to go home tonight & download 100 or so songs off of KaZaa.

I just laugh at all you suckers that pay money for CDs.

So how the hell does one prove they’ve purchased all these cd’s between 1995 and 2000. I’m in the same boat as most of you and have purchased a good many cd’s from a bunch of my favorite artists…are they going to cut me a check for $2 or $3 each per cd?!? :slight_smile: I’d be interested to see how these consumers can recoup some of this money. I certainly didn’t save my receipts for cds purchased years ago.

What a stupid ruling. Instead of imposing a fine, they should force all the companies to reduce the cost of CD’s by a percentage. That way we would ALL see a benefit. As it is we won’t see sh*t.