Music companies fear new 100-hour discs from Sony and Philips

I just posted the article Music companies fear new 100-hour discs from Sony and Philips.

Sony and Philips have both released two new recording systems that will let people copy between 30 and 100 hours of music onto a single disc. The music industry of course draws the conclusion…

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All storage technology companies should immediately stop all current research and development, stop all current projects, and never invent anything again! NOT! - That’s it the record companies have lost it. They have absolutely no clue about the retail market. I own 350+ music CD’s and about 250 DVD’s. Right now I’m buying more DVD’s than music CD’s because they are much better value. Why the f… should I pay $16.95 for a music CD when I can get a DVD movie at the same price or most often much less. As soon as music CD drop below $10 I have a list of about 500 titles I would start to buy. Until then f… them, I’ll settle for downloaded MP3 files. Hypocrites! BTW - Why does this site not fully support (can’t login) the Opera browser?

my opera logs in just fine. the new layout should be out in early april. a lot of newish releases are 6.99 around here. im still downloading, sadly.

this sort of hypocrisy tells the public , that if two departments of the same company are at odds with each other, then why should they ever be believed or taken seriously…:7

…data compression system used in MiniDiscs…has anyone ever heard the SONY ATRAC compression? it’s horrible sounding. I want a little 3" cdr player in my car to slide in a disc with a few mp3’s that i change up often.

Hey podunkviller, New site design of Great !! how do you know this?

I use Opera with this site no problems. As cool as using compression to fit more music on your CD is, it’s been done to death. Since you have to make new hardware to play these CD’s, why don’t they just change to the different color lasers that can cram more onto disks. Have to buy new hardware to play the disks anyways, might as well, I would think. I am NOT buying new hardware for playing music CD’s. Why? I have a dreamcast that will play CD & mp3’s, I have a computer that will do the same, plus any other music format that there are codecs for. I have a portable CD player that only plays music CD’s, and a portable CD-MP3 player that will play CD, MP3 & WMA files burnt on the CD. I paid $100 for that over a year ago, and it only does 10 hours per 2 AA batteries, no matter how I use it, if I use it just for music cd’s, 10 hours. Playing Mp3’s, 10 hours. getting pissed and throwing it against the wall, 0 hours. =)

if RIAA had its say, it would halt all progress and would turn back society into the stone age, where there are no cd/dvd recorders, no internet, nothing that contributes to piracy. it’s often said that capitalism, i.e., individual economic enterprise boosts progress. here we see that this is not that simple. sony is greedy, and its greed boosts progress, because it releases new technology, which it sells for much money. but, at the same time, we have all those RIAAs, which try to sabotage all this: no broadband, please, broadband means movie download in 4 hours in excellent quality! not 100 hours music cd-rs, this means copyright violation! and so on.

If your having log in problems with opera make sure your not using an older version or beta. uninstall and download the newest verison. I had log in problems when I was using beta.