Music cdr, VCD, enduring?

I wanna burn something precious into a VCD and give it out as a gift. So I want to choose a “better” CDR that could last longer… But it’s hard to find in local market. Several days ago I got a new CDR/CDRW BURNER, in the box there’s a CDR which looks quite good:

“music cdr; 700M; 80min; 16x recording speed; recordable compact discs for home audio cd recorders and computer writers; 1x~16x compatible; Digital Research Technologies.”

And I’ve found out the info:
Hitachi Maxell Ltd.

I also read the FAQ in this forum:

"Q: What’s the difference between “audio” (music) discs and “data” discs?

A: Audio discs cost more because they pay a royalty to the poor starving recording companies. They carry a coding on the disc that identifies them as "audio" discs. Stand-alone audio recorders will only use this type of disc. Your computer drives can use either kind equally well. Physically, the 2 types of disc are identical. You may find that your computer's drive will identify audio type discs as being burnable at no more than 12x, even though they may be rated for 32x or more. This is due to the SmartBurn/BurnProof type features, and can be circumvented by turning this feature off in your software. (if this option is available). Unless you use a stand-alone audio recorder, there is no reason to buy audio-type discs."

My question is, is this music cdr fit for VCD?
It looks much better than my free cdrs… will it last longer? Or, at least, is it not worse than free ones? :slight_smile: