Music Cd Track Titles not showing song title after burning?

I want to be able to burn a music cd and have the track titles show when using a PC Player or car stereo that has cd text. In other words, after I make a music cd I want the title data to carry over to the cd that I burn, and instead of it showing track 1, track 2, etc… it actually shows the song title. The track title will also show when I play that cd that I made on the winamp, MS media player, or any other PC player, as well as, my car stereo player that supports cd text. Can anyone help me accomplish this or is there a program that I can use to do this, and where can I find it. Thanks In Advance.


Uhh use Nero :slight_smile: and maybe a stupid question, does your burner support cd-text??

Where can I get this Nero program, do you know? I’m not really sure if my burner supports cd text, but it is a HP 8200i. I will check that. Thanks for your reply.

Nero can be found at
For the serials check

Your burner does not allow CD-Text. Sorry but for this you have to support 96 bytes of SubChannel Data reading and your burner only goes to 16 bytes if I’m not mistaking. The only burner that I know of that can burn/read these 96 bytes is the PlexWriters. There is also another brand that can read/write it but I don’t remember which one that was…


If my burner doesn’t support CD text will using Nero still put the title information on the CD, which can be read by players that do support CD text? Or am I blown out the water since my burner doesn’t support the Cd text? I know these are probably simple basic questions for you, but I’m just a simple guy. You sound very intelligent in regards to Cd burners and related subjects. I thank you for your help on this.

I’m sorry, but my Hp burner is not a 8200 but a 9100i, does this burner support Cd text? I’m sorry I sent the wrong info, but I thought it was the 8200i. Well, you know what thought thought…
Please let me tap into your knowledge. Thanks.

Once you download Nero, it has an icon in the menu-bar that has CD-INFO( a cd icon w/a letter i on top)

click on it - select your cd-burner and PRESTO! you have all the info on your cd-burner!