Music CD-Rs not reading in my computer



Hi every one! I have a problem that I hope you can help me with. I have a stand alone music CD burner that hooks up to my stereo. I have been able to transfer a bunch of old vinylc ond cassettes to music CD-Rs. I didn’t have any problems playing them back on my computer until I got a new computer. My old computer saw them as cda format and I was able to copy them onto regular cdrs but my new machine just spins and clicks when I try to put one in. I use XP Pro and have Roxio as my burner sofware if that is of any help. Thanks in advance.


Assuming you have no other problems with your new PC and that, in general, it reads audio CDs this sounds like the new drive doesn’t like the discs. If you still have your old PC you could take its drive out and, if you have a spare bay, put it in your new PC.

Be careful of warranties etc.


The old computer is gone. I know that my wife’s computer reads them just jine. Maybe I can peel them off using her computer or maybe an external burner/reader and convert them to wav or mp3.