Music CD protection



hi, i have a problem to copy some music cd…

the copy is terminated without errors but one of the tracks is interrupted and there is a voice that says “illegal copy” !

What kind of protection is it ?? and how can bypass it ???

tnk !

P.S. I’m using Feurio 1.33 and also CDrwin…


try copying with clonecd with all options checked when reading the cd…then burn it …
i think that should work …(cause you got a 1:1 copy then)


Try to use Eac to copy audio discs. After passing Nero, Feurio, Cdrwin and other for me is the best. None kind of error usig it.



Good Story i must say…

The Voice in the middle of the Audiotracks comes from Feurio(The Audio Burning Proggy) when you use a bad key.

Feurio tells you always that it is registered but as you hear it isn`t.


Buy the Original Feurio Software or take a look in the net for a keygen or a 100% cracked Version.

Good luck…