Music CD protection - EMI Australia's Jet - Get Born & Starsailor's Silence is Easy

Bought the above CD’s and currently wish to rip them as mp3s to my iPod. Find it pretty annoying that it seems to be far easier to copy CD to CD than to rip tracks, which seems to me the more legitimate option.

The copy protection is a data track at the end of the CD that includes a media player which opens as the CD is loaded. CD tracks are not visible in Windows Explorer, and if ripped via a program like FreeRip, songs have a pop/crack/hiss every five seconds or so.

Is there an easy way around this? I’ve had to download the tracks from file sharing networks just so i can listen to them on my iPod… ridiculous…


It’s very easy, but there’s one trap - the second (data) session

Simple & Easy: Use CloneCD - double click your way through so that the OS doesn’t try to read the second (protected) session. Use the Audio CD profile (right click > edit and check Read the first session - it should be checked). This puts just the audio onto your hard-drive as a CloneCD image whcih can be burnt

More Advanced: EAC or Feurio!

The LITEON 52x burner has proven to be a good audio protection killer.

A fellow Aussie! Great!

I’d love to use CloneCd but all the sites that are meant to be hosting it aren’t anymore.

With the method you describe, if i can find CloneCD, will i be able to rip the tracks to MP3, or just make a CD copy?

EAC rips the tracks but the pops and cracks are still there - i think i’m meant to get the program and drive to read the first seccion only but I can’t find an option for this in EAC.

I’ve even tried the whole line in thang, however the file that is recorded ends up being soooo quiet…

I know the protection is cactus 200.0.4 though… if that helps…


There’s a try-and-die version at SlySoft. All CloneCD will do is make an image of the disc, less the second data session. You may know that PC devices read the second session first and CD-DA devices only read the first session, thus providing no problem in a music player. The second session always trips up a PC device.

After you have made the image, you can burn it to CD-R/W or mount it in D-Tools and then rip to MP3 :slight_smile:

Cool - downloading CloneCD now - Hope it works!

Thanks a lot for your help! Means a lot to me - would hate to think that buying the iPod was a mistake.


D’oh - CloneCD copied the CD minus the data track, so I can see the audio tracks on it now in Windows Explorer, but the pops/cracks are still there in the songs, every 6 seconds or so. I guess there’s no way for me to do this.


I’ll just have to download the tracks from soulseek or something…

Thanks for your help still!


try lowering the read speed. I recommend as low as 4x speed

Is there an option for that in CloneCd? I can’t see it - the options it has are quite… sparse. lacking even.


right click the profiles and choose edit - look around :wink:

Wha-?! Man, i must have a completely different program - there’s no Profiles button to click. Just file, tools and help. And then the four command buttons underneath (read to image, write from image, etc). Am I on the same page here?!


Place the game title in your reader
Click the first big button
double click your reader

… the next window contains the profiles. Recently discussed here

Have a look around, nothin’s gonna break. And sure as hell is hot, you haven’t read the any of the CloneCD Guides I’ve written.

Bye for now

I had the exact same problem after purchasing the same album while visting Australia.
I have always used CDex version150b to rip my CDs to MP3 but it failed on this one. I tried other apps but without success, so i downloaded the newest version of CDex version151 and hey presto the tracks are now well and truly ripped.

Might be woth a try CDex
I think it will also depend on the abilities of the reader you use (works in my sony cdrw but not my dvd drive)