Music CD prices slashed in US

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According to ZDnet, the prices of CD’s in the USA will be lowered in the fight against music piracy. You should be able to find populair CD’s for about 9.99$ and less populair CD’s for 3.99$. And…

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YES! It’s about time. Now $10 for a good CD, and $5 for a decent one, I could definetly justify spending that much. Wow, it feels like the '80’s again! :4

damn, that’s the right sort of pricing, move that over to the UK and we’d be happy. We pay like £15 for a new CD. That’s like $22.

thats $10 for a popular cd which in no way means it is good. Thats much better than the standard 18 bucks for cd’s in traditional music shops and mall’s and better than the 14-15 buck price at Best Buy

U.K. has a high VAT doens;t it ?

Great! Now if they could only do that to DVDs…

VAT in the UK is 17.5%, but you have to bear in mind that income tax is much lower than the rest of Europe. Its lower again in the US, but then you all have to pay for healthcare. OK, so they’re cutting the cost of music. That’s a start, though I really don’t think that’s what matters, what they really need to to is produce some decent music instead of the awful crap they’re producing at the moment.

This is going to be the best solution to fight piracy. Nothing else will help.

since i was born in 1985, i wouldnt know but, wouldn’t music cd’s have costed much much more back in the 80’s? since it was introduced in that decade? on another note, they are finally starting to learn! :d

i don’t think i had a compact disc (CD) until the mid to late 90’s. 80s? i dunno. lost of computers in the early 90’s didn’t have cd drives.

I’ll believe that when I see it…but then again, I still dont think I’ll buy CD’s, its easier to just download em! Bwah ha ha ha ha!:4

Boycott the RIAA.

I got my first cd player in 1986 or '87 and at that point the prices were about what they are today. A new Sting or Michael Jackson CD would have been about $15-16, not much different than now, however with inflation taken into account IMHO their profit margin would have been somewhat higher 15 years ago. :wink:

I don’t know about CD’s back in the 80’s, That’s when I could finally afford an 8-Track player :4 On another note I walked into Superstore & Extra foods the other day. They both had the K-2 DVD for $3.88 Canadian :d There are only 2 things that are infinate:- The Universe and Human Stupidity! :d

I also did not have a CD Player in the 80’s, well actually 89’. I do know that at the CD plant I work at, in the 80’s a good shift could mold/metalize/etc @ 3000/12/hrs discs. IF the yield was good the whole time (often wasnt even close to 80%). In the 80’s they had 12 machines-and they are a major label. Now our slowest mold machines run 7500+/12hr. WITH 97%+ yield! All the time. And they now have 53 molds. And prices have stayed the same. Sheesh. Maybe when you figure the cost of living increases/higher pay rates the price of CD’s has gone down.

Oops! That was 3000 & 7500 discs PER machine PER 12 hours. Also I did not own a CD player until 89’…

These guys resold every single album made since 1955 becuase the cd offered the best sound. These guys made money on releases they a;ready made money on. It is that the pendulum swings both ways that makes them now have to lower thier prices. I bought the Eric Clapton Blind Faith album 4 times. Once on vinyl, then 3 different cd releases. They have my money - it is about time they lowered thier prices - maybe I’ll even buy some cd’s now.

Seeing is believing… I have heard many people saying prices should be lowered, even from people who own a chain of stores, but so far I can only see prices increase to EURO 24 for a newly released CD. When the prices drop to $10 for newly released CDs, and they find their way to online stores too (those that ship overseas of course), it will mean a revolution in CD Prices in Europe too… As I said, seeing is believing, buut this is something I am really looking forward to :wink:

Its the ONLY way to stop piracy, BUT prices wont come down in the UK they dont call the UK “Treasure Island” for nothing, if prices dropped round the world, they would remain high in the UK