Music CD music into MP3's

How does one convert one’s music CD’s into MP3 music files? I am using Nero 6 Ultra Edition.

Any help is appreciated.


Click the Nero icon on the desktop…this should open the Start Smart window

Then the audio symbol…this will open several options

The icon that looks like a CD pointing to a Hard-drive is the one you want.

You´ll get several option of what format you want to save your music as…you need to click the MP3 option, then set it at at least 160…

See if that gets you started…you´ll figure out more as you go.

PS…welcome to the club :smiley:

You should be seeing something like this

After clicking the CD --> HD icon, you should get a series of output format options like this…click and select MP3

Now you want to do the

  1. File path…this is where you are gonna store the mp3 files (a folder with the band and album name is usually enough

  2. Click the settings and you´ll get a window like this one below

  3. Select the Kbps you want…the higher the better, but takes more space

  4. Then START…shouldn´t take more than 10 minutes or so to do an album…good luck

160 Kbps is enough for most people who just wanna play stuff back on MP3 players, but if you´ve got the space, and want better quality, then select 192 or even 256.

Thanks for the detailed reply and for taking the time. I really appreciate it. Have a super New Year buddy! I’ll get back to you on how I did.


Perfect illustration of solution to the problem thank you deanimator.