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This question might have been asked numerous times before anyways. I would like to backup some of my CDs using CLONE CD (or if any type of music back up software you guys recommend) and then take the clone cd image file and burn 4-5 cds worth of music to a dvd-rw for storage. Will this process result in any future music quality issues, if i take the the images files and burn cds? Can I load the image files with daemon tools and use EAC to create mp3s straight from the image? Is there a better way to archive my music?


Hiya, and welcome.

CloneCD is pretty good…I store images of my most important CDs using this…on hard-drive.

There are too many long-term storage issues with DVD, especially RWs…so, I wouldn´t recommend that way. Make a back-up CD, and keep the original image on HD.
(There´s a thread around somewhere about a guy who ripped 10,000 CDs with a discussion about his storage problems!)

I´ve never tried to make MP3s from an image…try it, and report back.


If you love your music, dump the images on DVD and also on HD … you’re safe, from anything short of an apocalypse :wink:


There won’t be any quality issues.

Actually I think this is a great idea.

And yes, you ought to be able to mount a WAV+CUE set in Daemon Tools and from there extract it to MP3 files.

For storage on DVD, I would consider using FLAC+CUE rather than WAV+CUE. This allows you to squeeze more music onto one DVD, or, if you want, put PAR2 recovery files on the DVD with the FLACs+CUEs.


Excellent idea too. :iagree:


Okay Thanks for your input. Been brushing up on some ripping guides and I’ve noticed lots of people fuss over their drive offsets. When ripping my images, should I be concerned with this? I’m assuming that once my image is created and mounted I’ll have to adjust the options within EAC for the cd-emulator. Anyone knows of a good guide to use for ripping from an emulator, or should I just use EAC options meant for a psychical drive.


Or maybe just CD images … which have been RAR’d (Or other compression) with large recovery records :wink:

This will maximise space, but will reduce accessibility.


Yes. I’ve done this acouple of times when programs other than CloneCD were struggling to deal with the copy protection. Works very well. :slight_smile:


Isn’t the whole point of using EAC to rip the CD to enable you to get an exact copy?

Surely by ripping to an image using CloneCD you are relying on it’s extraction method, which may not include EAC options like drive offset, specific drive extraction settings and error correction etc. all of which are tailored towards audio CDs ripping. Therefore once a CloneCD image is mounted and converted to MP3, which should work with any converter, including EAC, it won’t properly use these features - all you are doing is converting files already held on your computer to another form (the process of ripping the original CD, which is where errors can occur, has previously been completed - by CloneCD).

If quality and accuracy is the main thing you are looking for I think the original extraction should be done by EAC. The only benefit I can see by using CloneCD is the one already given by philamber.

BTW this is just my theory when thinking through the process. It may be wrong so hopefully someone could confirm (or prove me wrong)!