Music CD for player that doesn't read MP3's

This is all new to me and I have never burned a music CD before. Yesterday I purchased Nero 6 Ultra Edition to burn music on CD’s that I can play in my car’s CD player that does not read MP3’s. I’d also like to play these CD’s on an older stereo CD player that I have.

If I pay to download music from the internet, I understand that it is in MP3 format. Can I still burn a CD from these files that will play on my older CD players in my car and in my home?

Thanks in advance for helping me get started.

  • David Kistner

Nero is able to make a standard audio CD from MP3 files, no problem. Just keep in mind that some standalone players are quite picky about which brand of cdr’s you’re using, and some (older) players might even refuse to play from such a media.