Music CD / CD-ROM creation

Hi, i would like to create a CD that will play in a stand alone cd player but would also play on a computer as a CD-ROM.

Would this be called a dual platform CD? What software would i need?

I am able to create a CD-ROM (I use Autoplay Media Studio). I am also able to create normal CD’s, but i wonder how i can create one disc that would do both - depending on if it was inserted into a stand alone cd player or a computer.

Any help, advice, tips or information on this would be very much apreciated indeed


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m a bit confused - do you mean an audio CD that will play on both standalone players and PCs?

thanks for the quick reply…

actually no! an audio cd would play on both machines anyway. what i am trying to do is create a cd rom that allows the user to select and play tracks and also video clips and documents but then when that disc is placed in a stand alone cd player it will automatically work as an ordinary cd.

just like the cd single available in the shops that people can play in their car to listen to the music but then when they put that same disc into their computer at home they can also see pictures of the band and interviews etc.

any ideas?

Ah, I see - a multimedia CD.

Hopefully now it’s a bit clearer someone will be able to help you out (I vaguely remember an option in Nero somewhere but that’s all). :slight_smile:

doh!!! yes a multimedia cd…lol, thankyou, i will look at my nero now, thanks for that, it’s late and i’m tired, any further help or suggestions/tips from anyome would still be greatly apreciated

thanks again…

CD Extra or CD plus…