Music cd backup

i want to make a music cd backup to be exactly like the orginal… play in every player is this possible with the plextor 716?

It’s possible with just about every CD-burner and DVD-burner ever made, provided that the audio CD isn’t copy-protected. :wink:

Most CD/DVD burning software can copy a non-protected audio CD. Audio CDs with scratches or other defects may not copy well in all programs, since speed is often chosen over quality.

For perfect copies I suggest you use PlexTools Professional which is bundled with Plextor drives in Europe (and also with the PX-716 in the US, I think?) or the freeware program Exact Audio Copy (EAC).

If you try to copy copy-protected Audio CDs the result depends on the type of protection and the drive used to rip (read) the source CD; not all drives can properly read all types of protection.

Whether you are even allowed to copy Audio CDs depends on the legislation in the country/state you live in.

i live in canada and its legal to have your own backups, but i can’t seem to have perfect backups which i’d like

716A can’t achieve your goal.
If you really insist to make “perfect” copy, go for a Yamaha F1 model CD-RW burner if you can find it this moment.

you got a link for this model??

So what is your definition of “perfect” since there is only one CD burner ever made that can do the job? (Sarcasm intended)

With any non-protected audio CD, that doesn’t have defects beyond what the C1/C2 error correction can correct, you can achieve bit-perfect copies with the right software - you just have to know the drive read/write offset for audio and use a secure ripping method. Both of these can be achieved with PlexTools Pro on a PX-716 and with EAC (by configuring the right offset - probably +30 read offset and -30 write offset if the PX-716 is identical to the PX-712 in this respect.)

dragger, if you are trying to achieve a perfect copy and failing, there is very little we can do for you if you don’t describe what you’re doing and how!

ok the problem i have is when i play the music in a cd player track one will take a very long time to load… or stop the player all together (rest of the tracks are fine)

i’ve been noticing this for awhile now since nero 5 +

I’ve misunderstand your demand, for your request, you need a better quality media other than a new machine, 716A is enough.
First you should try burn with PlexTools Professional and see if it has been solved.
It’s probably the readability problem of your cd player, so find a better quality media and try.
Forget the words in my first post.

In this thread is argued that are issues with Nero and burning CD R’s on the 716: . May be it helps you further.

It seems like you should try another burning program. Plextools seems to do the job among other programs.