Music cd back up

i have a copy of gorillaz- demon days on my computer. it is in mp3 format. when i try to make a back up of the cd to a cd-r it for some reason dosnt copy right. when i check the songs they r all there but only like 1 kb each and the songs wont play. can someone tell me whats going on?

Can you copy the mp3 files to your hdd?

Does you original CD play correctly?

It looks like to me that you created an Audio CD as on this all the tracks (track01.cda etc) are 1kb in size. Could this be the case?

yes, iv backed up the tracks to my harddrive and they work fine there. the original plays fine, and i know its not my burner bec iv backed up many of my cds with it, from mp3s that i ripped to my harddrive. but for some reason this is the only cd that does this. iv tried re copying it to my harddrive and the same thing happens.