Music bosses head royalties fight

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  A campaign by various UK  music companies is under way to protect copyrights which are set to expire on 50  year old music recordings from legends such as Elvis Presley and others.   The...
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For an artist to fail to get a return for their music in their lifetime would be a result of one or both of two things. a/ They can’t sing worth a shit b/ The music companies are screwing them either way it’s not the fault of the consumer…:X
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I wonder what Elvis Presley is gonna spend the additional royalties on, when they extend the copyright life? Whatcha reckon? New Alien Laser’s? Or A new lead lining for his coffin? Maybe replace that gold handle tht’s starting to look a little worn… C’mon guys, this is the most obvious money grab in history! The way I see it… In the future, only one person is ever gonna buy the CD. It’s going online, and no-ones ever gonna pay for your music.