Music biz patents anti-rip encryption technology

I just posted the article Music biz patents anti-rip encryption technology.

marco used our newssubmit to tell us about an article on the Register about a new protection that should have been developed by the IFPI.

The protection should use encrypted time codes that are…

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Does stupidity ever end? Standalone cd/player/recorder eliminates that crap and then rip from computer minus the time codes. These morons must think the boat docked about an hour ago.

Umm, which word springs to mind here: KEYGEN lol. U know all this will take is a hacker to crack it and produce keygens. It’ll be funny, I’ll have to make a key to play a CD. U gotta wonder, where do they get their millions from cause they just waste them all on pointless research!!

Yeah, this stupidity never ends ;], even if they invent encrypted CD, it will need pretty much cpu power to decrypt and decode the stream at normal quality.Its waste of money, MP3 made a VEEERYY BIG AFFECT ON MUSIC- it too f@@kin’ late to do something.

It’s a big idea patent that speaks of embedding false or bad data in the pregap where ‘absolute time is recorded monotonically’ for track time (their words not mine) which refers to the Q subcode but is never directly mentioned. Which some how a regular CD player is supposedly able to read the pregap without error because it’s a ‘stream reading device’ as opposed to a ‘block by block device’ of a CD-ROM/Writer. It’s all theory on paper but no actual science or method.

I agree with the previous posts,there will always be a way to defeat copy protection on music CDs.The only progress that is being made is in the way the CD is ripped i.e optical output to mini disc or from a stsnd alone CD player into your sound card’s optical input.The process may take longer until there are copyright hacks written to defeat the protection system.

Already beaten (cdfs.vxd)

re:DanDaMan1487 Yep been using the same for about 2 years now. Beats any kind of protection. What the music industry should do is stop wasting thier money on research that is pointless and lower CD prices so people will be them.

You know what, juice? I don’t think they waste money creating protections, but they earn money. You see, they know that their protection is not pirate-proof, but they develop them to sell to other companies and then the dough comes in… I also think that they know how to make a very powerful protection, but they may make their protection vulnerable in certain ways on purpose. Then later on, they can come out with a newer version of a protection and claim it is bulletproof and make lots of money. But they leave, of course, some vulnerabilities in the new protection on purpose, so later on they can have a “new one” developed. If they developed one protection that was “unbreakable” then they wouldn’t have anything else to sell… They look ahead and know their future!

Guess thats one way to have job security huh? Sounds like Safedisk1 then Safedisk2. Next week how knows Safedisk3 will hit the streets. You try to record it and your computer blows up. :slight_smile:

Who wants to play audio cds on their pc anyway ??? I only use audio cds on my home or car cdplayer and I think most people do ! Mp3 is more likely to use on a pc. So what is the point of this protection ???

well, and if they want to make new standards…they’ll need some cooperation, who wants to buy crap like that:)