Music/audio cd?



I am new to this but I am trying to copy certain songs from commercial CDs to my own so I can have just the ones I need on one CD…however, when I burn the CD the audio files are in WMA…they will play on my computer but not on my boombox. What am I doing wrong? Then I have made other copies that will play on the boombox but not on my 5-cd changer…it is very frustrating.


Hi and welcome.

First problem…the files have to be .wav to play on a regular player
When you open this CD on your computer you should see them labelled as .cda (go to “My Computer” and right-click the audio CD)

Let us know what you see there.


yes, the files are .cda


[QUOTE=linedancer;2546536]yes, the files are .cda[/QUOTE]

Ok…just to be sure…in your first post you said they were wma.

So, if your burned CD contains the real McCoy, the .cda tracks, then under normal circumstances they should play.

Next thing to check out is the media you are using. What brand of CD…and if possible where were they manufactured?

What software are you using to copy/burn the CDs?

What speed are you burning at?

Finally, what burner are you using?


When I copy them to my computer they become WMA files.
I am using Memorex, rewritable 4x CDs.
I use my Toshiba CD creator…when I try to use the Microsoft Media it refuses to recognize the CD I want to burn on.


You need to rip the songs you want into WAV format with something like DBPowerAmp and then reburn the songs onto CDR using something like NeroBurning Rom. There are free software out there but you might have to look around for something to rip the audio and then reburn into an Audio CD that will appear as .CDA after you finish burning it.


[QUOTE=linedancer;2546546]I am using [B]Memorex, rewritable 4x CDs[/B].[/QUOTE]

That right there above in bold could be a major part of your problem since
you are using Memowrecks :Z CDRW to record on as some player do not like
to play CDRW discs and that brand just makes it worse as they are nothing
but crap at least IMO and they are nothing but headache inducing discs. :doh:

Try some Verbatim or TY CD-R’s[B] NOT CD-RW [/B]discs and see if that makes
a difference. I’d almost be just about willing to bet a dollar to a doughnut
hole that will more than likely solve your problems. :iagree:


5-CD (or DVD) changers are very picky :confused: about what they play
you should look up the specs on your model #
besides that, try a CD-R (Sony are on sale)
try CDBurner XP program its free,or Nero demo