Music Archiving



I have a MP3 music collection stored on CD’s and im thinking about copying them all over to DVD and discontinuing the use of CD’s for this purpose in the future.Is there any downside in doing this as far as longevity and reliablity of the discs is concerned?


Downside YES

Check and re-do any bad cds (if possible)

Get everything onto a hard-drive.

Apart from that, just do what we do, which is worry a lot, and consider other hobbies from time to time.


If you have the same experience as I have, then YES, DVDRs discs don’t seem to have any reliable, predicable life span above a few months.

Fortunately for me I have more than one copy of everything so I haven’t actually lost anything (touch wood), but its made me think twice about relying on DVDs for backup, and kept me busy for a few days rescuing what I could from the discs that were developing problems.

I’m now in a similar quandary - I’ve had some TYG02 discs that have become almost unreadable after a year or so, and yet the general opinion is that they are one of the best for archiving… in which case - who knows how good/bad things will be with [I]any[/I] disk in five or ten years time :confused:

I just hope that everyone who is spending hours of their time copying the precious VHS tapes to DVD realise the potential short lifespan of the discs before they throw the tapes away, or there’s going to be :sad: .


It’ll be interesting to see how modern harddrives retain data after ten years or so… I’ve just recently thrown away an old 40MB (Yes, MegaByte) drive that was sitting at the back of the spare room because it wouldn’t calibrate correctly when powered on. I was last used around 1995 and was working perfectly when last used. Chances are the magnetic info has scrambled over the years.

My audio magnetic tapes from the 80’s are noticeably fading away, my old magnetic data tapes gave up long ago, and I have had a number of CD-Rs go unreadable after year or two as well…

Hmmm… maybe we should develop a carved-stone burner…?


My plan is to have two or three copies of the data, one will be on dvd, one on a hard drive and i will hang on to the old cd’s that they are currently on.So the biggest question for me is when DVD’s are compared to CD’s, which is more reliable? is there a difference?


I have an old verbatim CD from 1998 that i have stored in a jewel case and taken great care of.After 8+ years this cd is still 100% readable and i was able to copy it to DVD.I think the brand and the way i took care of the CD made a big difference.I’m just hoping that i will have the same success with DVD’s.



Did your TYG02 discs have change in their physical appearance or just unreadable in all tested drives? asfar as TYG02 being archival grade media, not IMO. Premium CD-R is superior to DVD media for archival, accelerated aging & also real world experience shows this to be generally correct.


Why is this?


Nothing obviously wrong with the discs, just unreadable in the 3 drives I tried them in (including a new DVR-111 that I was hoping would read better… but it didn’t).

Premium CD-R is superior to DVD media for archival, accelerated aging & also real world experience shows this to be generally correct.

Seems that way to me too, but I was hoping to avoid having stacks of CDs instead of a just a few stacks of DVDs.

If my experience is anything to go by, DVDRs aren’t worth the expense.


From my understanding of the available information, one of the main factors is that DVD media has greater weakness to humidity compared to CD-R media. The design of DVD media (a sandwich-type structure) seems to make this more of an issue than for CD-R media. Also, the types of dye used in DVD media maybe not as stable as the best CD-R dyes.


Do either of the new blue laser disc types improve the situation?

It looks like i will not be moving my archive to DVD…Im sticking with CD’s for now.


The early test results from the next generation recordable formats is not very positive at the moment to my understanding. It seems capacity & longevity have an inverse relationship for optical media.


I thought properly burned and properly stored YUDEN000T02 discs were supposed to last a while. Was I wrong?



Depends who you ask this to, though I think T02 is a decent media choice for longer term use compared to most DVD media.

When it comes to disc longevity, I feel it should be treated in a similar way to human life expectancy (most of a particular type should reach a certain age if treated well, while some will die prematurely and some could even reach the potential maximum lifespan).


If it would fit on one DVD, then flash media (a 4GB pendrive) is another option - the more different kinds of media you have something on, the safer it is.