Music and work

I hope I am posting this in the right area but anyway…

My work requires me to be on a headset and taking calls, I am wondering if there is some way to be able to have my music on my computer playing but not through the headset cause I would get in trouble if callers could hear it :|.

The only other way I can think of is through regular PC speakers, but the callers would still hear it that way :S

Anyway…I’ll move the thread to the main LR 'cos more people will see it that way :slight_smile:

Thank you! I guess maybe I will just have to settle for cd player or something of the sort but I have over 400 songs on my computer and I am too lazy to put em on discs :frowning:

MP3 player? :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah, now I feel blonde.

yeah get a MP3 player :slight_smile:

One of my many nieces has one, I am gonna steal it when I go visit next. Haha.

Have a spare iPod Shuffle (1GB)…I got a few for free when I bought some suits last time…already gave away one…and I have a player on my mobile.

Alternatively, perhaps the CD/DVD-ROM player has a separate audio out…you can use a separate headphone for that…which you can easily put down if a call comes in and the sound won’t be loud enough to interfere with your work…

You’re a pretty smart feller, thank you. I may have to keep you for my own.

Depending on how you make and recieve calls, look for a headset that supports streaming music and cuts the music when you make or recieve calls. Plenty of Bluetooth headsets around that does that. Expensive solution though.

It’s through software installed on my computer. I just worry cause all calls I have are recorded by the company but I get bored while working cause I am suppose to have quiet enviroment so I can’t have my tv sounds up or anything of the sort :frowning:

Oh righto Mr Airhead…show up [B]here[/B] and make intelligent helpful posts all of a sudden huh? Any special reason for that…???

Buy a $10us USB sound card and a set of cheap speakers :wink:
Plug it in & tell winamp to direct all output to the USB soundcard (configure it in the output section - only need to do it once).

Ok, that is an idea I can most likely attempt and live with, thanks so much.

If you want to go nuts, you can get a USB memory stick with GB’s space, and stick your USB sound card drivers on it … the full winamp installation (err … install winamp ONTO the USB memory stick, rather than “program files/winamp”), and your Fav MP3 collection :wink:

Then ya just need your speakers, USB Audio (little tiny thing) and your USB memeory stick (little tiny thing).

Will work with any XP or vista PC :wink:

Yeah and I just love going nuts.

Oooh too easy … I’m laying off that one … she’s too new to cop a hardcore Debro comment.

Well, for some reason I feel I should be thanking you so considered it done.