Music and video skips while reading from my hardrive

A couple days ago while I was playing back a video I recorded to AVI it started skipping both the sound and video. I also noted my computer seemed to be slowing down as well. This came out of no where mind you and I have no idea how it happened. So since I have two drives I reformatted my smaller drive which was fine and re installed windows onto it. This fixed the slow down issues with Windows itself. The I went to play another video that was still on the older larger drive. It proceeded to skip like it had before. I had an idea that maybe it was the hard drive messing up so I copied the video to the smaller recently reformatted drive. Sure enough playback was fine. Today I was copying all my music over from the old drive to the new one and noted that it was taking way longer then it should. Also I noted when going to playback the movie that played fine before on the new drive was no skipping again. Its as if the old hard drive is messing up the whole computer when its being read from even if the media is being played off of the new drive. I am really confused here and never had anything quite like this before. if anyone has any ideas please help


What are the specs for your hard drives. Are they 5400rpm, 7200rpm, etc… If you have two hard drives on the same ide path, and one is a 5400rpm, it will affect everything.

well the larger one is 320gigs no idea what speed I am guessing 7200 RPM

and the smaller one which I am currently running on is 120gigs and prob slower cause its older. I cant tell without opening up my machine so I cant do that while I am still transfering stuff over to the smaller drive… lol There not on the same cable because the newer one is SATA and the other is ATA…

You need to check the DMA status of the drives. See this thread .

Also regular defragging is essential for optimal system performance although a DMA problem is perhaps more likely.

the dma seems fine… I am thinking that its a physical problem with the drive cause it was working fine till a couple of days ago. I was doing some video editing and such then it started acting up. I thought maybe it was a virus but now I have no clue.

Double-check the DMA, which could have been the cause of your problem.

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