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Small is beautiful in the world of portable music and Toshiba has joined the miniature market with the launch of the MEA210 digital audio player. Measuring just 5cm by 5cm, the MEA210 is certainly…

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POINTLESS!! Tiny’s right - 32Mb of RAM. Ooooh wow. Almost a fully 8 tracks. The way forwards for all this stuff is like the device mentioned earlier this week - 6Gig’s of memory!!! Even using IBM microdrives is better - can get a few gig’s into a tiny device.


Yes you may be right, but look at the size of this thing. The article isnt saying wow this player can store a lot of music, its showing you how small things can become, but is this a good thing?


Hmm. It’s the first portable digital player I see that supports AAC. Very Gud! :slight_smile: Want to know more about AAC? Go to: Or contact me :wink:


well, it’s no MP-3 player, that’s for sure. what a piece of crap. Data Rate: Mono 16-48kbps, Stereo 48-192kbps just a reminder that to be a “mp3” player it needs to conform to the mp3 standard which requires VBR support and bitrates from 32kbit/s up to 320kbit/s. and ridiculously expensive also.


of all the portable mp3 players ive read about i think the best one is the NEO 35 unit. i have one myself in my car and ive got over 2000 mp3s most of them encoded at 192 kb/s with lame 3.88 and its just so cool to not have to switch cds anymore. the best price ive found on them so far on the net is at thats where i purchased mine :7