Music album gets polyphonic only release!



Now look what the RIAA has done scared musicians into to “Panda” heads what’s next. You know as soon as the RIAA finds out they can make money on ringtones thier gonna demand DRM phones or try to get the Justice department to arrest anyone who illegally Enjoys tunes without the RIAA consent. :frowning:


I just posted the article Music album gets polyphonic only release!.

  A    German band has shunned the music industry and instead decided to release their  soundtrack on mobile phones only with the use of polyphonic ringtones.  The  album Panda Babies...
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This is what we here in the Yoo-Nited-States call a GIMMICK.


I just realized…we’re playing around 99cents for songs off iTunes, but pay around $ 1.50 and higher for a ringtone of the same song. LOL


Gezuk- that occured to me too. This is a nivce money maker for the band. Kudos for having the sense to pull it off.