Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240gb 179.99



This is the deal. I already have one and I paid almost 50 bucks more for it.


It’s coming to the point where these can be made standard in mid-range laptops. To convince customers, all a shop needs to do is show two identical laptops side by side apart from one with an SSD and have a power button customers can push to see both boot up simultaneously, with a script to automatically launch a handful of applications and then shut them down to have ready for the next person to try.

The cheapest ~256GB SSD I came across on Amazon UK at the moment is the OCZ Agility 3 2400GB for £140 (~$220), so finally starting to catch up.


Amazon has the 512 gb Agility [B][U]4[/U][/B] for 379.00USD