I am in the middle of archiving my cd collection of almost 200 disks after I finally found an encoder that was both fast and transparent (MusePack), what I was wondering is if any of you guys here on the forum use this encoder and if so what do you think about it. Note Iā€™m not asking for a better codec as I am quite satisfied with MusePack, just looking for other user experiences and/or thoughts on this wonderful format :slight_smile:

:confused: whats musepack. :bigsmile:

Originally posted by vishtaspa
:confused: whats musepack. :bigsmile:

Do you ever use google before posting a question here?

An audio format that produces files with better quality than MP3. This file format has the file extension .mpc or .mp+ (older version).

Musepack is based on the MPEG-1 Layer 2 standard (mp2), but includes many improvements. It is praised by the audiophiles and currently considered as the highest quality lossy compression audio format. Currently offered for free.