Muppet Treasure Island & 1.1.2 prob

I copied Muppet Treasure Island in full movie mode for the kids room. The quality is fine but there is a small problem.

If you run the commentary, there is a video that plays (with Gonzo & Rizzo) before the movie starts introducing the commentary track. Then during the movie, 12 times it will break away and play small video clips of behind the scene info.

When these clips come up, the movie just freezes. I have to hit “play” or “next” and the movie will continue but it does not play the extra clips, it just skips them. This happens 12 times.

I tried the movie with IC7 and it worked okay. With IC7, it would jump to the clips, play them and then return to the movie. It just took 3 long hours to do with IC7.


New Version out…

Version 1.1.3 (April 22, 2003)
Improved the layer break removal in the full disk copy. This should solve problems with menus.

It sorted out the menu probs in HP2 ok, so as ny says get 1.1.3 and it should work fine.