Munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer

NeroLINUX seems to crash on some distribution with the following message:

$ nero
*** glibc detected *** nero: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x08102793 ***

If you experience such a problem, try to repoduce it using gdb: type in ‘gdb nero’, then ‘run’ to start the program.
When it crashes, just type in ‘bt’ to get the backtrace, and attach it to this thread.

This would be really helpfull, as none of our QA systems was able to reproduce this bug.

Here’s my gdb trace. Hope it is of help.

gdb.txt (5.31 KB)

This issue seems to come from the glibc version 2.3.90… We are currently investigating: this is a little bit astonishing as all apps should be backwards compatible… :eek:

Ok. Problem identified and fixed. Will be included in the next :wink:
Thanks to all for the trace files!

Will there also be new features in Nero ? ^^

Hi Mathf,

What was the problem with the code and how did you fix it?