Municipal Companies Learning From PG&E's Mistakes



The controversy surrounding the use of PG&E’s smart meter technology remains extremely contentious. Unpopular by many home owners – and the matter is still far from resolved.

PG&E has already installed more than 5 million smart gas and electric meters in the United States, with all 10 million customers expected to receive the new meters over the next two years.

If you haven’t had one installed yet, you can expect a flyer in the mail from PG&E – or Wellington Energy – that the new technology is monitoring your gas and electricity use. Some home owners complained their power bills have increased, with concern the smart meters are faulty, or PG&E is intentionally overcharging.
What are your thoughts on this smart meter technology?

If implemented properly, which PG&E obviously failed to do, the technology could be very neat. However, it seems like the program still is plagued with billing issues and possible privacy concerns… hope new municipal companies will make the proper adjustments.


What are your thoughts on this smart meter technology?
[/QUOTE]Well, introduction of “Smart Metering” starts here in Germany also. It is often advertised to the customer as means to control energy consumption. Aha.
At the moment, end customers have contracts like monthly base fee plus xxx cent/kWh for the amount of energy consumed. The meters are usually read once a year. No need to think about the best time turning on the washing machine.

The aim of the power suppliers is to optimize network operation. Smart metering gives them a chance to have different prices each hour (worst case). Interested in the prices on german power spot market? Then click here

On the other side, an expensive infrastructure needs to be established. Starting from data transmission and not ending with the billing infrastructure. Also, these Smart Meters are much more expensive than conventional meters.

So, the prices must go up. There is no way to get around this.



That’s typical PG&E, they suck around here anyway! The power goes out ALL the time here!