Mummy-Crew: good news!



I wrote yesterday to get news from Mummy-Crew.
Their site is still dead since 16th of Jan., but, would you believe it, I received today my cd’s! (paid 6 weeks ago).
So, to the attention of “Minamoto Kobayashi”, “Slashem1” and “Whatever”, I hope you will get yours too.
Does this mean those guys are really back online? Let’s see.


actually… I received a mail from the mummycrew (monday or tuesday) and they said my cd’s were on their way
Ordered them NOV 8th '99


Thanks loebgyn for the news!
Regrettable to say, but I haven’t received any mails from Mummyfied group.
First of all, I think that any serious group may advertise as soon as possible all the people that are waiting for CDs for possible problems/delays, and do not wait 50 days (as me) or more!
Thus, now the CDs ordered are totally unneeded, since I have payed twice them and received them yet from another group much more professional ( Warezzmaffia 8) ).
So, a good chance fot that group may be to send back the money to the users, or, better,
send the newest releases instead of the oldest.
… or send both



Thanx for the good news but I dont believe Ill get mine.

Greetz Whatever


I ordered quite a few cd’s from the mummy crew and it has been a month since and still no cd’s. They also do not answer your mail to them when you ask if they can still deliver. Not a good advertisement for their crew.


hebben we het over dezelfde mensen…?

als ik het goed heb zijn ditklanten van mij die zich ALTIJD aan hun afspraken houden…

wat is er dan fout in dit plaatje…?


You want to know what`s wrong ?
I tell you. The language.


The Language?
Do You mean the language as English, Dutch or Danish, or the kind of language?
I have tried all the kind of languages, in every form.
But I think that Mummified group understand only the language “GRABBING THE MONEY TO PEOPLE”.
I’m not the only that Mummy has hitted, so I think that this isn’t a personal-only problem, but of the entire community of customers.
For the love of the God, if on the left side there is Mummy, on the other side there is Mr. Scarface